Savoury recipes

I have more of a savoury tooth. When beginning my vegan journey, that’s why I first focused on savoury recipes. Let’s be clear: no, following a plant-based diet does not mean eating just fries and salads! That is what I’m trying to show on this blog site. I hope my vegan mains recipes will inspire you to shake up your diet a bit and to try new things!

Pasta recipes

Ah, pasta… probably one of my favourite food! There are so many possibilities, so many different sauces and shapes. By the way, lasagna was my favourite dish ever growing up. It still is actually, only in its vegan version! I’ll load the recipe here very soon, stay tuned.


Obviously, vegetables take the greater part of a plant-based diet. If you’re afraid to get bored, you can try a few different things:

  • Switch between different varieties of vegetables and buy in season.
  • Try different kind of cooking styles
  • Change the seasonings / dressings

If you give these tips a try, I swear you will never get bored of vegetables!


Legumes are an integral part of a vegan diet. They are packed with proteins and minerals. In a word, they highly contribute to a healthy nutritious diet. That is why you will see a lot of legumes in my mains recipes: lentils, chickpeas, and beans among others.