Vegan recipes

All my recipes are made with plants, they are 100% plant-based. This means that I don’t use any animal-based product at all, honey included. You’ll be surprised by the countless possibilities offered by vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes!
Here you will find all my favourite recipes, from breakfast to dinner!

No added sugar recipes

I also try to limit the use of sugars – I’d rather use sugars naturally contained in fruits than industrial sugar. For instance, dates are a very good source of sweetness. Should I add sugar to my recipes, it would be unrefined sugar, in order to limit the harmful effects on health. This would always be specified in the recipe.

No added fat recipe

In the same way, I would rather use naturally fatty foods than add oil or margarine in my vegan recipes. For instance, for a salad, prefer tahini over olive oil. In a cake, choose almond butter over margarine.

Gluten-free recipes

Most recipes on this site are either gluten-free or easily adaptable to a gluten-free diet. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to ask me for advice, I will be pleased to come up with an alternative!

For me, cooking is a real pleasure, however I know that is not the case for everyone. That’s why I try to offer mostly easy and quick to achieve recipes

Feel free to personalize these recipes by adding spices or other aromatic herbs. The secret to not getting bored in the kitchen is to vary the pleasures!