Hello and welcome on Faubourg des Jardins !

My name is Sophie, I come from a small village close to Strasbourg in Alsace, France, and I currently live in Budapest, Hungary. 
I define myself as cooking junkie: my kitchen is my happy place, I cook every single day and I just love it!
I became vegan and switched to a plant-based diet in 2017.
In here, I would like to share my favorite vegan recipes with you, I hope you’ll like them!

Why start a blog about vegan food? 

Over the past few years, I started to question the way I was eating. I first cut meat from my diet, then dairy a few months later. As of August 2017, I’ve been following a 100% plant-based diet. 
During my vegan journey, I went on the internet to find information about veganism and vegan recipes. I admit I found a lot of helpful websites and blogs, hovewer I found it hard to come across vegan french food recipes, and more generally veganized recipes of food I was used to, and which I still wanted to eat, in its plant-based version. 

This is how I got the idea for this blog. I wanted to create a friendly platform where I could share my recipes with anyone who would be interested in them, whether they were vegans, people looking for plant-based recipes to reduce their animal-products intake or simply curious people just wanting to try something else. 

I had a lot of fun trying to veganize my favorite recipes, including some traditionnal French and Alsacian recipes. In here, you’ll find indulging recipes as well as healthy recipes, traditional food recipes as well as original food recipes, all of them 100% plant-based.

Why the name Faubourg des Jardins?

Faubourg des Jardins is the place where I grew up, and where I hold a lot of happy memories. It is the place where I learned to cook and grow a garden with my mum and my grandparents. When I was thinking of a name for this blog, it just felt natural for me to come back to the place where my foodie journey began!

See you soon, 

Faubourg des jardins - vegan recipes
Sophie – Faubourg des jardins